Church Multiplication

The Global Methodist Church is committed to planting new faith communities throughout the world with a huge goal of 3600 in seven years. In the Mid-Texas Conference, we are committed to forming these faith communities, which can be churches, fellowships (smaller membership), and “House Fires” (small gatherings in communities). There are currently 22 new church and fellowship starts with more being added. We provide guidance, training, and group coaching for leaders and pastors starting new churches and fellowships. We are also launched a new initiative, “House Fires”, that will help form small gatherings in communities throughout the Conference. These gatherings can be in homes, coffee shops, or restaurants. Some of these gatherings may grow to become fellowships or churches, while others will continue like the early “house churches” (Col 4:15, “Give my greetings … to Nympha and the church in her house.”)

Learn More

To learn more about starting a new church to connect with a new church in your area, contact Rev. Doug Fox, Presiding Elder of New Church Starts at
To learn more about “House Fires”, our initiative to help form a small gathering in your community, visit our dedicated page, which includes a contact form.


Church Planting Revolution by Winfield Bevins
Intentional Churches by Bart Rendel and Doug Parks
The River Network: The River Network International has a partnership with the Global Methodist Church to assist new church plants.