Conference Leaders & Committees

Bishop Scott Jones

Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory

President Pro-Tempore

Bill Killough

Executive Officer

Jim Noble

Conference Treasurer

Ryan Barnett

Connectional Council Chair

Leslie Tomlinson

Board of Ministry Chair

Dave Roberson

Conference Lay Leader

Della Conner

Conference Administrator

Mid-Texas Conference - Presiding Elders 2024

Transitional Committees

The Mid-Texas Provisional Conference is committed to having representation of every voice possible at the table. We will actively seek to broaden our diversity as more churches come on board.

Connectional Council  The Connectional Council functions as the Leadership Board of the Mid-Texas Provisional Annual Conference. This group meets the first Thursday over every month via zoom to manage the administrative and ministry needs of the annual conference. The work of this group is reported to the entire annual conference in the conference journal and their actions are endorsed by the voting delegate body of the Annual Conference. 

Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory, President Pro-tem
Rev. Bill Killough, Executive Officer, Silver Creek
Della Conner, Conference Administrator
Rev. Jim Noble, Treasurer, First San Angelo
Brian Denman, Chair of Finance, First Waco
Rev. Leslie Tomlinson, Chair of the Board of Ministry
Rev. Ben Huebner, Communications Director, First Groesbeck

Rev. Ryan Barnett, First Waco
Kerri Westbrook,
Rev. Jill Jackson Sears, First GMC Dallas
Rev. Mark Vowell, First Frisco GMC
Rev. Doug Fox, New Church Start, and McKinney GMC

Rev. Rob Price, Justin Methodist
Carol Loeb, Asbury Corpus Christi
Rev. Jae Kim, First Comanche
Rev. Hayley Shotts, First Forney
Rev. Joey Flores, Christ Methodist, Stockdale

Rev. Tynna Dixon, First Waco
Les Leskoven, First Corsicana
Melinda Thomas, First Carrollton
Bill Monty, First Irviing
Rev. Samantha Bell, First GMC Alice

Rev. Ellen Ely, First Marble Falls
Rev. Nick Matthews, First Carrollton
Jon Lannom, First Forney
Maria Leticia Ortegon, El Divino Redentor Methodist
Rev. Forrest Diviney, Asbury Methodist
Conference Staff Relations Committee (Episcopacy Committee) The Committee on Episcopacy shall be responsible to support the bishop in the oversight of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the Global Methodist Church, with special reference to the area where the bishop has residential responsibility.

Rev. Mark Vowell, Chair
Rev. John Kay
Rev. Jolynn Davis
Rev. Rusty Freeman

Mickey Wheeler
Randy Dunn
Michael Fletcher
Dave Roberson
Finance and Administration Committee  The Finance and Administration Committee shall be responsible to develop, maintain, and administer a comprehensive and coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies, budgets, procedures, pension plans, benefits plans, and management services for the annual conference.

CLASS of 2023-2029
Rev. Ryan Barnett
Rev. Jason Teague
Rev. Hayley Shotts
Les Leskoven, Lay
Kyle Knas, Lay
Jim McClain, Lay

CLASS OF 2024-2030
Rev. Robert Barns
Rev. Jenny Davidson
Rev. Jim McClurg
Brian Denman, Chair, Lay
Nancy McEachern, Lay
Bill McCartney, Lay
Board of Ministry  The Board of Ministry shall be responsible for overseeing the recruiting and credentialing of clergy for the furtherance of the mission of the Global Methodist Church.

CLASS OF 2023-2029
Tom Robbins (C)
Lesley Tomlinson (C)
Lauren Yates (C)
Tracey Cox (C)
Sandra Oliver (L)
Barbara Sullivan (L)
Jeanne Wagener (L)
Carol Loeb (L)
Janet Brown (L)
Seung Ho Bang (C)
Jo Lynn Davis (C)
Josh Pruett (C)
Jeremy Beggs (C)
Kevin Diggs (C)
Ellen Ely (C)
Jason Fry (C)
Ralph Mann (C)
Osvaldo Benitez (C)
Gordon Grubbs (L)
Forrest Diviney (C)
Roger Clayton (C)
Paula Payne (C)
Michael Cyr, Registrar (C)
Ray Gilman (C)

CLASS OF 2024-2030
Dan Gurley (C)
Steve Sedman (L)
Andy Smith (C)
Blossom Matthews (C)
Judy Swartz (C)
Jae Kim (C)
Frank Oakman (C)
Shea Reyenga (C)
Ray Gilman (C)
Cecilia Granadosin (C)
Sherry Peyton (L)
Victor Sassone (L)
Alex Alvarez (C)
John Robertson (L)
Sydney Huebner (C)